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Offensive Security

The only provider of hands-on, practical online penetration testing training and certification for InfoSec professionals - from the Creators of Kali Linux.


Tweeting tweets relevant to the Penetration Testing community, and about SANS #PenTest training, summits, and #NetWars.

Cool tools

I love writing blogs and tools. Here are some cool tools..

SMB Scanner

An SMB scanner that uses a local copy of the Whois DB to search for open SMB ports in the target countries then attempts to brute force the administrator account.

Meterpreter Survey Script

This is a resource script designed to be placed in the .msf4 file path under the Kali user directory that auto runs situation awareness commands and stores the results of each command under a folder named after the host, in the Kali execution path.


A Python script written in collaboration with a friend for parsing credential enumeration tool, dnscmd, and dsquery output, and correlating relevant information to aid analysis.


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